Florida Fall is HERE!

Autumn has finally come for Florida. When I walked outside and didn’t get pounded into a sweaty, dripping mess by the sun, I went squee. It’s an extra magical time down here. Why?

Not this:

So pretty!

The reality is more like this:

Yes, this was taken while Hurricane Matthew pummeled the opposite coast.

The exciting part is this!

See?? No AC! Usually that thing is in the 90s.

And being able to drink this without exploding into a fireball.

This is actually my first Twinings, and since I have a bit of an obsession with the Emerald Isle at the moment and a love of strong tea, this one was begging for a taste.  I’m not a tea officianado like certain beloved Steampunk authors you should be reading, but I do enjoy picking up whatever looks tasty at Publix for cool mornings. It all started with an experiment trying chamomile tea that ended in me thinking “Wow this tastes like fruit loops!” and chugging the rest of the mug.

A pity it’ll only last a couple more days before the heat comes back and banishes my cutest jackets to the back of my closet again.


Oh well. Fall is still my favorite! For those also in the States, here’s to Halloween, Thanksgiving, and pumpkin spice everything. For everyone, what’s your favorite part about the season? I know I missed plenty.


Daily Dose of Kitty:



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