A Day at a Time

Lately I’ve been rocking out to Sia, a long time favorite since I saw this music video (which surprised me by being in American Sign Language aka ASL, not Australian Sign Language aka Auslan). I thought her new approach of hiding her face and using dancers in wigs was clever. The minute she goes “mainstream,” she disappears. Her new work–despite the featured rappers on a couple singles–still gets my heart thumping, body moving, and mind spinning with feeling.

The two songs that have been on repeat for the last two days are both newer and motivational.

The first is “Alive.”

The second is “The Greatest.” (Warning if you watch the video, it pays tribute to the Pulse nightclub shootings. I know that event was traumatic to many outside the actual event, so if that wound is still sore, here’s a lyrics only version.)

Both of these songs have the message of striving through tough times. I’ve personally been using them for productivity motivators. When you have so many things you want to learn, to teach yourself, to do, life has a nasty habit of stealing away time. The key to overcoming this, as common sense would say, is to make time for them. Write a list, follow a scheduled routine, post sticky notes everywhere as reminders. Apparently, it takes three weeks to turn these practice tasks into habit. Still, many people (myself included) struggle to keep things stable and consistent. You can make plans easy enough, but sticking to them? It can get overwhelming and makes that temptation to give up more and more attractive. There’s a million false starts, reworking of perfectly manageable plans, and so many other steps. And all the while, not much of anything actually gets accomplished.

That’s where another common sense mantra,“breaking things down into chunks,” comes in. I’ve only recently found the truth in that one. Focusing on one day at a time, one task at a time, one step at a time is the only thing that’s ever worked for me, one of many scatterbrained creators. It supplements the schedules and the lists so work actually happens. The whole is bigger than one person, but little bits are much more proportional.

Keeping to that path when your attention jumps around like a rabbit on a sugar high, that’s another story.

What are your thoughts? What’s worked for you? Lend your productivity hacks! 🙂

Daily Dose of Kitty:


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