Knowing Your RPG Class

Trying out a new schedule here! Regular posts will be Fridays, and Mondays will become Mythic Mondays where I’ll share different stories from legend and folklore with whoever reads.

For today’s post, though, you don’t have to be an expert video gamer or Dungeons and Dragons veteran. This idea was actually inspired by a character building game a good friend and I play. The game is called Questions, and we take our original characters and ask each other things about them to help develop their personalities, habits, and preferences. One of the most recent ones was “What fantasy RPG class are they?”


First some definitions:

RPG: Role playing game. Videogame or table top board game where you are given/make a character and have to play as that character through a story. It will usually involve a series of choices and interaction with various side characters or other players populating the world of the game. So you’re literally playing out a role. Classic example is D&D (Dungeons and Dragons).


Class: This is usually the character’s job and/or fighting style. Common examples in medieval fantasy style games are warrior, rogue, assassin, mage/magician/wizard, priest/cleric. In more modern settings there are also cyber-whosits, snipers, gunslingers, etc. A lot of them are relative to the specific genre/style of the game and can vary, but they boil down to the part the character plays in the larger group.

My favorite example of those “cyber-whosits.”

Usually, classes have trends in their statistics (health, constitution, speed, etc.). Berzerkers are strong attackers that do a lot of damage, but don’t last very long. Rogues like using ranged weapons like bows and arrows, have good survivalist skills, and fairly middle of the road numbers with everything else. Assassins are fast, stealthy, and do the most damage with back-stabs. Mages and Wizards have a lot of magic, a lot of smarts, but are weak and easily compromised in close combat situations. Odds are if you’ve seen Lord of the Rings or a heist movie, you can spot the archetypes pretty quick.


The goal is to match your or your character’s personality with the trends to see which class fits you/them. Pretty simple, right?

I find it hard matching me to these classes. In videogames and table tops, I like choosing a physical class with a lot of health and attack power. The play style is simple, the character can take a hit, and I like the idea of being a meat shield for the rest of my team. My personality is more akin to a typical wizard where I enjoy reading, studying, and magical stuff. I could also identify with a cleric too, because they also like those pursuits, only with a spiritual bent.


It’s so much easier with characters because, as their creator, you can see them from a relatively objective perspective. Take the leading lady from a story I’m working on now, Celaeno. Her story is loosely based on the Grimm fairy tale, The Girl With No Hands, with an epic fantasy twist. She’s brainy, loves to read, and studies magical runes for enchantments. Textbook mage/wizard. Her dad, Castor, is more of a mad scientist type, pushing the boundaries of ritual magic in ways some would find unethical. He could either be a textbook mage, or an aspiring necromancer who hasn’t found his calling yet.

It’s easy to get lost playing with this!  Give it a try in the comments if you like. I’m excited to see what others come up with. Or expand to other RPG aspects and archetypes, there are so many!


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